Many answers about our community giving program may be found on our Grant Guidelines and Application Process pages.


Should you have a question that is not answered from the above pages or the list below, please contact the Foundation office at (512) 233-5599. 


Q: Does the Mitte Foundation have a deadline for receipt of applications?
A: The Mitte Foundation reviews grant proposals once a year.  Deadlines for submitting letters of inquiry are listed on our Application Process page.  Deadlines for submitting full proposals are generally five to six weeks following the request for proposal communication and will be communicated to applicants upon approval of the letter of inquiry.


Q: What should be included in the Letter of Inquiry?
A: Letters of Inquiry must be submitted through our on-line application process, which outlines all required information and provides space for your responses.


Q: Is there a standard format for proposals?
A: Upon receipt of a request for proposal, you will be able to access the proposal application online.  Follow the instructions through that process for completing your proposal.  Uploads requested do not require a standard format.


Q: Will the Mitte Foundation staff discuss proposal ideas before submission?
A: Yes. Letters of Inquiry prior to proposal submission are required. The executive director will be happy to discuss proposal ideas prior to submission to insure whether or not the proposal fits the Foundation’s program priorities.


Q: For how much should we apply?
A: The Mitte Foundation’s support within the Community Giving Program varies so widely that an average amount is not a good indicator of an applicant’s potential funding level. Organizations should submit proposals requesting a reasonable amount of financial support for efforts that most closely match the Foundation’s priorities and interest areas. The Foundation is rarely the sole funder of a project, and does encourage challenge and matching grant opportunities.


Q: Does the Mitte Foundation make multi-year grants?
A: Yes. The Mitte Foundation does make multi-year gifts, recognizing that some projects can be more successful when a grant is awarded for a specific period of time longer than one year. However, the Foundation rarely funds projects for a period longer than three years.


Q: If my agency has received grants from the Mitte Foundation in the past, are there limitations to how many years we can receive grants?
A: No. Consecutive-year funding requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. However, past grant recipients must follow the application process and submit a Letter of Inquiry first. Additionally, past grant recipients must submit a final report for an existing grant before the Foundation will consider another grant proposal.


Q: If I know members of the Mitte Foundation’s board of directors, does it increase the likelihood that my proposal will be funded if I contact them?
A: No. All directors are encouraged to refer all calls regarding grant requests to the Foundation office and its staff.


Q: How long does the review process take?
A: Our goal is to respond to all Letters of Inquiry within one week of the published deadline.  Proposals presented to the board of directors are subject to the timing of scheduled meetings of the board.  We will respond to those proposal requests within three months of the deadline for submitting the proposal.


Q: How will my organization know if its proposal has been funded?
A: The Foundation office will notify you by either a letter or an e-mail after the final decisions have been made.


Q: What can I expect after my organization’s proposal is funded?
A: The Foundation will mail you an award letter and a grant agreement which outlines the payment schedule and other pertinent details and requirements. The Foundation will schedule funding according to the grant agreement upon receipt of the signed agreement from you.  No payments will be made to an organization until the grant agreement has been signed and submitted to the Foundation office.


Q: Will my organization need to turn in reports?
A: The Mitte Foundation requires a final status report one month following the end of the grant period. Interim reports may also be required, especially if a multi-year gift has been granted. All reporting requirements are outlined in the grant agreement.

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